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Dracula 3D (2012)

Dracula (2012) on IMDb

Category : Movies +18
Country : Italy | France | Spain
Genres : Horror | Romance | Thriller
keywords : Gothic Horror | Evil | Van Helsing | Bite Mark | Two Word Title
Starring : Asia Argento, Rutger Hauer, Thomas Kretschmann
Tag :
Plot :
The tale begins with Jonathan Harker, journeying by train and carriage from England to Count Dracula’s crumbling, remote castle situated in the Carpathian Mountains on the border of Transylvania. The purpose of his mission is to catalog the big library of Dracula. At first enticed by Dracula’s gracious manner, Harkersoon discovers that he has become a prisoner in the castle. He also begins to see disquieting facets of Dracula’s nocturnal life. One night while searching for a way out of the castle, and against Dracula’s strict admonition not to venture outside his room at night, Harker falls under the spell of three wanton female vampires, the Brides of Dracula.

Shanghai Calling (2012)

Category : Movies +18
Country : USA | China
Genres : Comedy | Drama | Romance
keywords : This film is about a young American lawyer whose employers send him to Shanghai to represent the firm in China.
Starring : Daniel Henney, Eliza Coupe, Bill Paxton
Tag : Sometimes home is far away from home.
Plot :
When ambitious New York attorney Sam is sent to Shanghai on assignment, he immediately stumbles into a legal mess that could end his career. With the help of a beautiful relocation specialist, a well-connected old-timer, a clever journalist, and a street-smart legal assistant, Sam might just save his job, find romance, and learn to appreciate the beauty and wonders of Shanghai.

A Little Bit Zombie (2012)

A Little Bit Zombie (2012) on IMDb

Category : Movies +18
Country : Canada
Genres : Comedy | Horror
keywords : Undead | Woman Leading A Man On | Woman Wearing Monokini | Zombie Hunter | Zombie
Starring : Kristopher Turner, Crystal Lowe, Shawn Roberts
Tag : Dead or Alive, They're coming for Steve
Plot :
Infected by a virus, a mild mannered HR manager attempts to fulfill his overwhelming desire for brains, all while trying to keep it together so as not to incur the wrath of his bridezilla-to-be.

Gambit (2012)

Gambit (2012) on IMDb

Category : Movies +18
Country : USA
Genres : Comedy | Crime
keywords : Heist | Caper | Remake
Starring : Colin Firth, Cameron Diaz, Alan Rickman
Tag :
Plot :
Curator Harry Deane is an expert in fine art, but he's equally accomplished in taking abuse from his insolent boss. That's about to change. The plan - trick the avid art collector into buying a fake Monet painting. To assist in the heist, Deane hires a rowdy Texas cowgirl to help him fool the richest man in England. But as the plan begins to unravel, Deane finds he is falling in love with the rodeo queen, ensuing further complications.

In Their Skin (2012)

In Their Skin (2012) on IMDb

Category : Movies +18
Country : Canada
Genres : Horror | Thriller
keywords : Family Relationships | Violence | Husband Wife Relationship
Starring : Selma Blair, Joshua Close, James D'Arcy, Rachel Miner, Quinn Lord, Alex Ferris
Tag : Yours is the life they've chosen
Plot :
After the accidental death of their six-year-old daughter, the Hughes family escape their busy upscale suburban life and head to their isolated cottage for some quality time. An evening with their friendly neighbors is suddenly interrupted when one mans obsession with perfection escalates into a violent struggle, forcing the families to go beyond what they ever thought they were capable of in order to survive.

Riddle (2013)

Riddle (2013) on IMDb

Category : Movies
Country : USA
Genres : Drama, Thriller
keywords : One Word Title
Starring : Elisabeth Harnois, Val Kilmer, Diora Baird
Tag :
Plot :
College student Holly Teller (Elisabeth Harnois) is drawn to the mysterious small town of Riddle, Pennsylvania in search of her missing brother. Against the will of the local Sheriff (Val Kilmer) and town elder (William Sadler), she begins to unravel a mystery connected to an abandoned psychiatric hospital on the edge of town, uncovering a terrifying past the town in determined to keep hidden.

14 Numara (1985) +18

Number 14 (1985) on IMDb

Category : Movies +18
Country : Turkey
Genres : Drama
keywords : Based On Novel
Starring : Hakan Balamir, Serpil Cakmakli, Bülent Bilgiç, Nilüfer Aydan, Hikmet Gül, Keriman Ulusoy
Tag :
Plot :
Yaprak is just one of thousands of young women, who leave their quiet village lives behind them to seek their fortune in Istanbul. But the reality of life in a big city is harsh, and Yaprak is forced to take a job in one of the cities licensed brothels. Her beauty and youth make her popular with the patrons and she is soon the focus of the attention of two men; Necmi, a spineless but well meaning young man, and Arab, a deranged pimp who has recently lost his main source of income, his wife Zargana. Necmi wants to take Yaprak away from her nightmare existence, but soon finds himself forced to separate from her by the viscous Arab. Arab spends all of Yaprak's money, but after a savage attack on her, she comes to her senses. She and Necmi get married and as Yaprak says farewell to her friends in the brothel, Arab returns for the last time to seek his brutal revenge...
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