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Angel Guts 1: High School Co-ed (1978)

Category : Movies +18
Country : Japan
Genres : Horror
keywords : Motorcycle | First Of Series | Gang | Knife | Japanese Schoolgirl

Plot : Only in Japanese cinema could you find a character living by a such a seriously messed-up moral code as biker Kawashima (Sanshô Shinsui): as a member of a ruthless gang, he thinks nothing of robbing and raping innocent strangers on a daily basis, yet he goes out of his way to protect an innocent schoolgirl from being raped by fellow thug Kaji; given orders to rape the schoolgirl himself, however, and he complies without protest. Kawashima also acts as guardian to his younger sister Megu, protecting her from the harsh realities of his life, but when he catches the occasional glimpse of her blossoming female form, it is clear that his feelings of brotherly love extend beyond the accepted norm. Such an unbalanced individual should make for very interesting viewing, but sadly Takashi Ishii's meandering, confusing and ultimately pointless script for Angel Guts High School Co-ed wastes any opportunity to delve further into Kawashimi's clearly disturbed psyche (or those of his pals), preferring instead to simply deliver a series of sleazy sexual assaults for the viewers' titillation. The girls are very attractive of course, and all get nekkid for the camera, but as much as I enjoy seeing pretty Japanese babes in the buff, I had hoped Angel Guts: High School Coed would offer something a little more substantial in the plot department to prevent tedium from setting in.
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