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Mum Kokulu Kadınlar (1996) +18

Mum kokulu kadinlar (1996) on IMDb

Category : Movies +18
Country : Turkey
Genres : Drama
keywords :
Starring : Marilyn Ataizi, Halil Ergun, Sevtap Parman, Jasmine Alkaya, Selma Guneri, Ceren Erginsoy, Melody powder, Murat Coşkuner, Hulya King
Tag : 1940lı Firuzan in a mansion in the second half of the Besiktas will put the name of the lady Ihsan is about to give birth to a male child. 1950 years .. Firuzan Female, 5-6 year-old girl named Fatma adopts. Ihsan and Fatma grow like two brothers. Years of the 1960s ... Robert College studying Ihsan, live a great love with Natalie. Nataliek to return to the land of his father who was consul nataliek suicide, bestowed the room will result in the closure. Upon the death of his mother's family has been bestowed the 1970s completely collapsed. Belkis married and has a daughter named Fatima. Continues to be closed and the Fatman with the help of the life bestowed upon standing room durabilmektedir.Aynı different lives and problems in the neighborhood, which are completely ignorant of each other, a variety of men living in a world suffering mingled with 4 female, looking for solutions to their yalnızlıklarında. For years, the Ihsan amamış step out of the mansion, will make an appointment to advise them in the woods. The course of events will develop quickly and unexpectedly.
Plot :
He second half of 1990s Lady Firuzan is about to give birth to a child whose name will be Ihsan. In 1950s Lady Firuzan adapts a daughter called Fatma about 5- 6 years old and Ä°hsan and Fatma grows up together as siblings. in 1960s Ihsan who was studying at the Robert College lives a big love with Natalie. In 1970s the death of his mother. Ihsan's family almost collapses and Ihsan tries to live in a room where he is closed.
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